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The minimum Portugal Visa processing time intimated by the Portugal Embassy is 13-14 working days. However, it may take up to 3 weeks or more depending upon the evaluation done by the Embassy. It may also vary in case something extraordinary is observed with the Application.

The Embassy or the Consulates of Portugal in the UK are the sole representatives of Portugal that issue Portugal Schengen Visa to the residents & citizens of the UK.

If you are holding a valid Spain Schengen Visa then your request for a new Schengen Visa to Portugal will not be accepted. You may travel to Portugal & other Schengen countries with a Spain Schengen Visa; however you should stay the longest in the country that you have applied visa for.

Please note that a discount on the Visa fees can be availed only by married couples provided they possess a certificate of proof. However, in your case, you & your partner will be required to pay the Visa fees separately. No discount on the Visa Fees can be availed by the unmarried couples.

Yes, you can apply for a multiple-entry Schengen Visa that will entitle you to travel to Schengen countries multiple times within a specific time-period. Upon Visa expiration, you can extend its limit from the Schengen country via a Visa Agent.

A person can re-apply for Belgium Visa in case his/her Visa Application has been refused by the Embassy. Though, the time-period of the gap to be observed before making a fresh application is not defined, the applicant must ensure that the criteria due to which the application was rejected are met.

Requisite documents for children less than 12 years of age can be submitted by any other person (relative/parents) at the Embassy.

No, each member of the family is required to fill a separate Visa Application. Please note that a separate Visa Application is required for an infant.

A Schengen Visa can be applied online by filling the Visa Application form. However, you are required to make a personal appearance to present the printed Visa application at the Embassy. Applicants are also required to visit the Embassy for bio-metric data collection & document verification.

If you are a UK resident & looking forward to visit Portugal, you can check the eligibility criteria for the same on our website. In case of queries & doubts, feel free to contact us via call or e-mail. Our experts will assist & guide you through the Portugal Visa Requirements & the Application procedure.

Portugal Visas has made Visa Application a breeze. You can apply for Portugal Visa Online by filling the Visa Application form given at our website. The duly filled form is processed further & your Visa Appointment is booked with the Portugal Consulate. You are required to visit the Embassy in person with all the mandate documents for bio-metric data collection. You will receive your Visa Permit via post in 13-14 working days.

You may reach out to us via call or e-mail to book your appointment with the Portugal Consulate.

A Schengen Visa entitles you to travel across all the 26 Countries who are a part of Schengen Zone under Schengen Agreement. It should be noted that a Schengen Visa is applied for the country where you will staying the longest.

No, one cannot obtain a Visa to Portugal on an urgent basis as the minimum Visa processing time that the embassy takes is 2 weeks.

Visa Handling fees are non-refundable; hence it will not be refunded back to you in case the Visa Application is rejected by the Embassy.

Specific nationalities residing in UK & holding a valid UK Residence Permit are required to apply for a Visa to Portugal in order to enter Portugal. However, legal citizens of the UK are allowed to travel across Portugal & other Schengen Countries without a visa for up to 90 days.