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Visa Document

Adequate & accurate documentation is one of the most important things that applicants need to adhere to if they want to acquire their Portugal Tourist Visa on time from the Portugal Consulate in the UK.Furnishing proper documents at the right time will go a long way in avoiding potential delays or rejections from the Portugal consulate.
Every prospective applicant should keep in mind that improper or error-filled visa documentation can hinder the Portugal visa application efforts. It will also render the entire application form invalid which will lead to visa rejection. That is why our seasoned experts advise every applicant to exercise due diligence while filling the online application form. In addition to that, you need to make sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria set by the Portugal embassy before you proceed to apply for a Portugal Visa.
If you are living in UK as an employee, student or as a spouse of aUK nationaland want to travel to Portugal for business or vacationing purposes then you need to apply for a Portugal Visa from UK. This mandatory travel document will make you eligible to enter and travel Portugal. If you apply for a Portugal Schengen Visa then you can explore a myriad of countries in the Schengen zone including Portugal.
In order to procure your Portugal Visa from UK, you need to present the required documents at the right time to the Portugal Embassy Authorities. This will help you to avoid rejection and fast track Portugal visa acquisition.
One important thing that you should keep in mind is that the document requirements may vary from case to case i.e., the document requirements for tourist visa, business visa or an education visa are different. And these requirements change from time to time,
That is why our seasoned visit permit experts acquaint themselves with the latest updates on Portugal Visa UK rules and regulations. They do this so that whenever a potential applicant comes to us for assistance,they will get the right answers for any type of query. This renders a smooth and hassle-free visa processing and acquisition experience.
Our team has put in a lot of time and efforts to curate a list of general & necessary documents required by the Portugal Consulate for the processing of Portugal Visa Application

  • 1. Portugal Visa Application form

EveryPortugal Visa applicant is required to fill, sign and submit the Portugal Visa Application at the Embassy.

  • 2. Valid Passport

Portugal Visa applicants should present a valid and signed passport at the Embassy when they visit the Visa center on the stipulated Portugal Visa Appointment date.
The passportthat needs to be submitted must be issued in less than 10 years from Visa application's date. The validity of the passport must be for a minimum of 90 days (3 months) from the intended date of return from Portugal. Please make sure that the passport has at least 2 blank pages in it.
If the applicant has any previous Schengen visas against his/her name in the old passport then they need to furnish copies of the same at the Consulate during the Visa appointment.

  • 3. UK Residence Permit

A Portugal visa applicant needs to present a valid proof that states that he/she is a UK residence. This is where a UK resident permit comes into the picture. The applicant needs to submit an original and copy of the UK residence permit at the consulate/Embassy. The submitted residence permit must be valid for a minimum of 3 months (90 days) from the date of departure from Portugal.
This Residence Permit can be in the form of a bio-metric card or it should be stamped in the passport.

  • 4. Recent Colored Passport Size Photographs

The Portugal visa applicant must submit 2 recent passport size photographs along with the Visa Application form.
Here are the requirements pertaining to passport size photographs:

  • Should be taken on a white background
  • The photograph must be sharply focused
  • It should clearly display all the facial characteristics of the applicant
  • It should be not older than 3 months from the date of the Portugal Visa application

In addition to the above, you may need to furnish additional supporting documents with your Portugal Visa Application Form:

  • 5. Employment Status Proof
  • For Employed Applicants
  • The applicant should furnish a duly signed employment letter specifying the name & designation of the employee. The employment letter must be issued by the employer and it should be issued in not more than one month. It should also confirm the status of the employment.
  • Last 3 months salary slips
  • For Self-Employed Applicants
  • All the prospective applicants who are self-employed should furnish a self-employment letter which attests to the employment status of the applicant. The self-employment letter:
  • Must be recent
  • Addressed to the mission
  • It should also showcase the name and designation of the signee
  • Applicant's accountant, bank manager, solicitor, or local chamber of Commerce should provide proof of revenues. These proofs should be properly submitted at the Portugal Embassy on the date of Portugal Visa Appointment.


  • For Retired Employees

All the Portugal Visa applicants who are retired employees should get an original letter from the pension service or from the local job center. This letter should be not older than 3 months from the date of the application. The prospective applicant needs to present the letter at the Portugal Consulate/Embassy.

  • For Students

A UK student who wants to apply for a Portugal visit permit is required to an original and recent copy of the letter issued by the British university, college or school. The letter obtained from the relevant authority:

  • Should specify the applicant's name
  • Specify the details of the studies/course undertaken
  • should be addressed to the Mission &
  • showcase the attendance record
  • confirm the enrolment of the applicant.
  • For Sponsored Spouse(for married couples only)

A prospective applicant of Portugal Visa who is sponsored either by a registered partner or spouse need to submit the following documents:

  • Marriage Certificate (Original & Copy)

The marriage certificatefurnished by the couple must be translated in Portuguese or English language if the certificate wasissued to the couple outside the European Union and it is written in a different language. Please note that the original&the translated marriage certificate should be presented at the Embassy during the date of the visa appointment.

  • Original & Copy of the Passport of the Spouse or Registered Partner
  • Proof of Spouse/Registered Partner's Employment

At the Portugal Consulate, the applicant should furnish an employment letter (official) issued by the spouse's employer. This employment letter should specify the spouse's name, designation and date of joining in the company.

  • Proof of Financial means of sustenance

The applicant needs to furnish relevant documents that show adequate means of sustenance for the entire duration of Portugal stay. These proofs may include spouse's bank statements or salary slips of the last 3 months.

  • The applicant needs to furnish a cover letter to confirm the sponsorship by registered partner or spouse. Do note that the cover letter must be dated & duly signed.
  • 6. Proof of Financial Means

The Portugal visa UK applicant needs to submit a proof of financial means to support his/her stay in Portugal. This proof may include the following documents:

  • Bank account statement of the last 3 months. The bank statement should clearly state the applicant's name, residential address & an end balance dated within the last month. The bank statement must also show a minimum balance of £ 50.00/day of stay in Portugal or in the Schengen Area. Any outstanding accommodation or travel expenses must be stated as well.
  • A traveler's cheque covering an equivalent amount as mentioned in the first point should be submitted.
  • Applicant's salary slips of last 3 months from the date of application.
  • 7. Travel Insurance

The prospective Portugal Visa application should furnish an original & a copy of the travel insurance certificatethe Embassy. The submitted travel insurance certificate should be valid for all the Schengen member states (for a Schengen Visa)and cover the entire duration of the applicant's stay in Portugal (or Schengen member states).
The minimum travel insurance cover that the Portugal Consulate mandates is 30,000 Euros. Additionally, thistravel insuranceshouldcover emergency repatriation or any emergency medical care expenses.

  • Proof of Accommodation

A Portugal visa applicant is needs to submit proof ofconfirmed hotel booking for the entire duration of the Portugal stay or a rental agreement. Theproof of accommodation documents should show the applicant's name, address of the rented apartment/hotel, the full contact details and the intended dates of stay in Portugal or other Schengen member countries.

  • Proof of Transportation

A Portugal Visa UK applicant should furnish the reserved tickets for the entire round-trip the Embassy. These proofs should be valid and cover travel documents (flight, ferry or bus tickets) to & from Portugal or the Schengen Zone (as per your travel itinerary)
The car insurance documents, registration documents, return travel tickets (of ferry or Eurotunnel) & driver's driving license should be presented at the Embassy in case the applicant decided to travel by the car.