Terms And Conditions

The Terms & Conditions set by Portugal Visas (https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/) involve rules & guidelines that govern the relationship between Portugal Visas and Customers who want to avail our services to procure a Portugal Visa/Portugal Schengen Visa.
Portugal Visas is an independent visa consultancy that is not affiliated with any government entity or organization. We, at Portugal Visas, provide visa consultancy services as a third party thereby connecting the prospective applicant (you) and the visa issuing authority. If you come to Portugal Visas to avail any services then we assume that you agree to all the terms & conditions mentioned below.
Portugal Visas holds the right to update the below-mentioned terms & conditions at any time without giving any explanation. Any new changes formulated by our team will be effective as soon as they are been published on the terms & conditions page.

  • Fees and Payment terms

Fee once paid to avail urgent booking appointments and Portugal visa consultancy services at https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/ is non-refundable.
Our professional team goes to great lengths to try and ensure that all the documentation & proper procedures are all followed so that you get your Portugal visa in a hassle-free manner.
However, we cannot guarantee the issuance of a Portugal Visa neither the length (duration of stay) of the Portugal visa. The Portugal Embassy/Consulate is the only official authority that determines the duration of stay even if you specify the dates. The Portugal Embassy/Consulate has the final say in all the aforementioned matters.
Please note: The Embassy may deny your Portugal visa application without giving any explanation.
The visa fee that you pay to the embassy while submitting the application form at the application collection centre and the appointment booking charges are separate.
Note:https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/reserves the right to raise the charges of its professional consultancy services at any time with/without prior notice.
All rights are reserved:

  • From accepting a case
  • Completing the work &
  • Terminating agreements.

https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/ also reserves the right not to take on any particular application or case. Once we/our professional team has accepted a case from a prospective applicant (you), we ensure that all the proper procedures, policies and requisite documentation are followed to complete your Visa application (in all aspects) before submitting it to Portugal Consulate/Embassy.
Please note that there is a difference in the fee charged for normal and express timeslots for appointment booking. Check with our experts to know the correct charges.

  • Cancellation Regulations

The applicant (you) may terminate the agreement with our consultancy at any time. However, you shall be required to pay for the services and the efforts that we made to vouch, process and assist you in your Portugal visa UK acquisition efforts.
After we successfully book your appointment and assist you to attend the consulate/embassy, you are not entitled to raise a refund request.
Here is an important thing that you should note:
If an applicant (you) has made an express appointment request, they will be required to acknowledge that they will lose their right to cancel the contract once it is fulfilled by us (Portugal Visas). In this case, the applicant will not receive any refund.
Portugal Visas’ regulations also offer an extended “cooling-off” period wherein if the trader has enough time to provide Portugal visa consultancy services i.e., for two or more months to the applicant (you), then you (consumer) will have a time of 14 days from the receipt of the services agreed to cancel the contract. This cooling period is applicable for distance and off-premises contracts.
Note: After Portugal Visas schedules an appointment for you, you are entitled to change or cancel or re-scheduled it at any moment.
If the applicant (you) fails to reach the interview place (Visa centre, Embassy/Consulate) on the date of the appointment then the applicant (you) will be required to pay an additional charge for rescheduling the appointment. Please note that we cannot guarantee a next day appointment as will need to process and submit a fresh application.
Thus, the applicant is entitled to make necessary adjustments to the travelling date, flight booking and hotel bookings etc.
Note: According to the conditions stated in The Consumer Contracts (Information, cancellation and additional charges) Regulations 2013, the information required in Schedule 2 in relation to cancellation rights may be given in accordance with the model instructions on cancellation which are set out in Part A of Schedule 3. This is however not mandatory, but if the trader supplies these instructions he will be treated as having complied with his obligations in this respect.

  • Decision on Visa Applications

Any decision pertaining to your visa application will be at the sole discretion of the consulate/embassy. Keep in mind that these formalities are beyond the control of Portugal Visas.
Please note that Portugal Visas doesn’t hold the ability to influence any government entity/department nor the embassy irrespective of the urgency of the appointment or the type of appointment booked for you(normal or express).
That is why Portugal Visas (https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/) cannot be held liable for such decisions, should it not be what the client requested. This also includes, but is not limited to one's eligibility for a visa, visa validity, type, number of entries, etc.

  • Document Handling and Safekeeping

Portugal Visas (https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/) leverages cutting-edge solutions and security protocols to ensure the safety of its clients' documents.
Please note - we do not hold any liability for loss or damage of documents resulting from strikes, war, natural calamities, weather conditions etc.
Please do not provide any of your documents in person or by post at our billing address when you make a request for an appointment booking with https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/.
If you send the documents without informing our customer support team then we (https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/) will not be held responsible to accept any courier.
Each case of the prospective Portugal visa applicant is separately reviewed at the time of application. Please note that no guarantee can be given for visa issuance.
Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or delay to your travel arrangements or accommodation or any claims for consequential loss if you do not get your visa on time as per your scheduled date of travel.

  • Limitation of Liability

By submitting your application to Portugal Visas for processing, you accept all the requirements, restrictions and limitations on liability set forth herein and specifically agree and confirm that Portugal Visas shall not be liable to you for any failure to comply with the necessary visa requirements for your travel, for the action or inaction of any government body and/or for the performance by any third party such as delivery companies.
In any case, Portugal Visas (https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/) will not be held liable for any damages including:

  • with limitation, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages
  • whether under tort, contract or any other theory of liability arising in connection with:
  • any party’s use of the website (https://www.portugalvisas.co.uk/)
  • in connection with any omission, defect, failure or performance, error, computer virus, system failure, loss of data, delay in operation or transmission, system failure or loss of use related to:
  • this website or any website operated by any third party or any contents of this website or any other website, even if Portugal Visas is aware of the possibility of such damages.
  • Refund Policy

You can reschedule your appointment by paying a nominal fee.
However, charges paid for the appointment services cannot be refunded or returned under any circumstances. But if you want to cancel your Portugal visa appointment services after paying the charges online then you can avail a refund of 50% of your amount. Once the appointment with the Embassy is booked, we are unable to offer you any refund because that appointment cannot be used for any other applicant.