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Port Wine – A Welcome Beverage for Tourists & Sybarites

In addition to sherry and Madeira, port wine has long been regarded as one of the best dessert wines in the world. But this drink is much more than just a digestif after a heavy dinner, as you’ll discover when you try it. This dessert wine has flavours of raspberry, blackberry and caramel, cinnamon and […]

Portugal to be one of the Air-bridge countries this summer as per the new travel updates for Portugal

The reopening of Portugal for Tourists Most probably Portugal could become one of the first countries to agree to an “air-bridge” with UK, as it will be allowing citizens to travel between both countries to avoid quarantine measures. In the upcoming days the first wave of Air Bridge will be announced and the flights to […]

Tourist tax in Faro 2020 – Faro Portugal introduces new Tourist Tax

The beguiling city of Faro is the capital of southern Portugal’s Algarve region. The district bears the same name as the city i.e Faro Portugal. With its neoclassical architecture, captivating cathedrals & meandering streets, Faro attracts a major chunk of Portugal tourists. With that aspect into consideration, a new Tourist tax in Faro 2020 is […]

Chocolate world- International Chocolate Festival 2020

Why is Óbidos Portugal Chocolate Festival celebrated? King Alfonso IV, father of Pedro was against the forbidden romance of Prince Pedro and Ines, which happened around 14th century. The King ordered Ines to be killed and Prince Pedro launched civil war to avenge Ines. This whole incident inspired poets and artists to celebrate the romance […]

Portugal gets Religious- Easter in Portugal 2020

As 81 percent of the Portuguese population is Roman Catholic, Easter is celebrated religiously as everyone is devoted to God. 2020 Easter in Portugal is going to be on 12th April but the celebrations of Christ’s resurrection are celebrated for three days, 10th April, being Good Friday. Easter in Portugal As every year, Easter Weekend […]

10th Algarve Rugby Festival 2020 – A Sports event you shouldn’t miss

The picturesque city of Algarve Portugal boasts of exotic beaches, golf resorts, exquisite fishing villages & much more. In addition to that, the city is home to the famed Rugby Festival. The beguiling city will be celebrating the 10th Algarve Rugby Festival 2020 at the Browns Sports Resort, Vilamoura on 28th March. The Portugal Rugby […]

5 Exotic beaches in Algarve to explore with a Portugal visa

The Iberian country, Portugal is home to some of the most resplendent tourist destinations in the world. Algarve is one such vibrant location which draws thousands of tourists. The Beaches in Algarve are a primary attraction which boasts of sun-kissed shorelines, varied marine life & much more. Other alluring aspects of the beautiful Algarve, Portugal […]

Participate in the Kizomba Festival 2020 with a Portugal Visa

The resplendent city of Porto, Portugal is home to some wonderful events exhibiting the rich legacy & history of Portugal. Kizomba Festival 2020 is one such amazing event which gives a platform for budding dancers. Participants get to showcase their extraordinary talent & learn from their peers in the field of dance. The exciting ta […]

Relish Portuguese Delicacies in the 5 Best Restaurants in Lisbon

The resplendent capital city of Portugal offers enthralling castles, exquisite architecture & vibrant nightlife. In addition to that, Portuguese cuisine is world-famous & so are the restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal. Some of the Best Restaurants in Lisbon boast of Michelin-star Chefs such as Alexandre Silva, José Avillez & Henrique Sá Pessoa. The humble beginnings of […]

Top 6 Tourist Destinations to Explore with Portugal tourist visa

Planning a tour to Portugal with loved ones? Well, Congratulations! You are planning to head to the World’s Leading Destination. Yes, the famous World Travel Awards has voted Portugal as the World’s Leading Destination for year 2019. In addition to that, Wanderlust Magazine has placed the enthralling Portugal in its hot list of top-notch 15 […]

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