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Tourist tax in Faro 2020 – Faro Portugal introduces new Tourist Tax

The beguiling city of Faro is the capital of southern Portugal’s Algarve region. The district bears the same name as the city i.e Faro Portugal. With its neoclassical architecture, captivating cathedrals & meandering streets, Faro attracts a major chunk of Portugal tourists. With that aspect into consideration, a new Tourist tax in Faro 2020 is […]

Chocolate world- International Chocolate Festival 2020

Why is Óbidos Portugal Chocolate Festival celebrated? King Alfonso IV, father of Pedro was against the forbidden romance of Prince Pedro and Ines, which happened around 14th century. The King ordered Ines to be killed and Prince Pedro launched civil war to avenge Ines. This whole incident inspired poets and artists to celebrate the romance […]

Portugal gets Religious- Easter in Portugal 2020

As 81 percent of the Portuguese population is Roman Catholic, Easter is celebrated religiously as everyone is devoted to God. 2020 Easter in Portugal is going to be on 12th April but the celebrations of Christ’s resurrection are celebrated for three days, 10th April, being Good Friday. Easter in Portugal As every year, Easter Weekend […]

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